Heavy Equipment with Operator Services for Supporting Activities at EFO-EFPM Team in Sumatra

PT. Wahanakarsa Swandiri shall provide service for Heavy equipment not limited to tractor, excavator, motor grader, buldozer, back hoe, primover/ low buoy and wood chipper in good operating condition completed with operator and helper as required.

Chevron required the PT. Wahanakarsa Swandiri to perform requires Services on supporting operational of Environmental Facilities in SMO area, detail as follows:

  1. To do earth work and processing Hydrocarbon Impact Soil (HIS) , not limited for compacting for certain density required, moving the soil, dress up, etc.
  2. To arrange pretreatment include to set up its on the cluster.
  3. For doing rotavating the soil at processing pit by crushing, plowing, rotavating regularly.
  4. Spread and mix the fertilizer with soil at processing pit.
  5. To pile the soil as the product of process and hauling to Dump truck or to other vehicles.
  6. Loading and unloading HIS waste including weight scaling and take to SBF Facility
  7. Maintain and clean up all area of SBF including maintaining dikes, waterways, and other facilities as a part of maintenance activities
  8. Improve the infrastructure of SBF Facilities not limited to dike, drainage, road and etc.